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Wednesday Sept 22

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UO Udpate Center Updated! Wednesday September 1, 1999

Update! Before I save and close this... Please go to the Lum the Mad website and read all the stuff about Lum vs. Verant (everquest Publisher) and the President and CEO John Smedley... hilarious! The document they are fighting about was... well... dull.   I dont see what is all the fuss abou it.  But the fuss its what is fun to read. :) Also on the Lum webpage, some stuff about UO 2 which is officially not happening.
Regarding to this update's title (the one on this humble webpage) ... why should be surprised? Why are we surprised at all?? Anyway. all of the updates seem quite good, so if they come up anytime soon, WEEEE!

The following changes and additions are currently being tested:
Characters that are flagged as criminals or aggressors will no longer be able to instantly log out of the game while in their house or in an inn.
Murderers (reds) who are not criminals or aggressors will be able to instantly log out of the game while in their house or in an inn.
A bug involving the Reactive Armor Spell will be fixed.
The Reactive Armor spell will be reactivated.
"Young" players will not be able to loot player corpses at all.
"Young" players will not be able to poison another player with a poisoned
Issues involving veteran accounts and "Young" player status will be fixed.
NPCs will no longer move at a faster than normal rate.
Chests that spawn items will no longer produce spellbooks.
You will no longer automatically take a step forward after logging onto a shard.
Manually targeting yourself will not set you as the Last Target.
The arm/disarm macro for the right arm will now work properly. You will be able to rearm after using an item (such as a potion or door).
Players with older clients (non T2A) will now have the new style options menu.
Deleting the messenger.log file from your UO directory will stop the Ultima Messenger from logging all of your messages.
Pets will no longer instantly go wild after being transferred.

More EoT Command Center News Tuesday August 31, 1999
Today Viento and Rudecindo came together to start the furnishing of the EoT Command Center building. Following the steps of the UO Dev team we decided to put up something that looks, from all angles, unfinished. :)
wpe5.jpg (12853 bytes)
Rude's Map to the Command Center

The general area is the Northern continent, near the Justice shrine.

  They got some items in, take a look how it all got together.
wpe4.jpg (32682 bytes)
Viento and Rude chat about the future

Commentary, suggestions and more and better furniture are all welcome!

Deja'vu Saturday August 28, 1999

Yes, I installed the latest patch, and yes it screwed up my UO and yes, It makes me want to play much less than I wanted to play before it.
Regarding  the current UO Dev Team, I cant beleive that these people who work SO CLOSELY with the product seem to be SO CLUELESS about it!
This was a BIG patch full of QUICK FIXES. Now, the bad part of quick fixes is that they dont address the problem's origin, they just cover some of the effects.   For example, the recall-from-boat-key.  The GMs were having a hard time moving people to their boats.  The GMs can YELL to the dev team, we can only write and whine, so they listen more to them.
Now, people can recall off boat keys, so do the boat thieves.
Why not find and fix the reason why people get booted from the boats in the first place? Because it would take more time, and it will be definitely not fun to do from the dev team member's point of view.  So they put in a quick fix.... one that sucks very deeply.
Now, my point is, MOST of the fixes in this patch were quick fixes.  What took them so long, then?
I feel that UO is going back to the times just after the beta test phase two... a game full of exploits and unstability.  Maybe it's just destiny, in a way, like the universe collapsing when zillions of years had taken place after the big bang.
Again, the problem is the current UO team.  It's what needs fixing... not the price of thread.

Now, regarding to the latest chat log with the UO dev team, the only reason why you would like to look at it, is to get depressed on a bunch of clueless dev teams almost as depressed as the players themselves.   They get mad at the players for stalking on them, and they dont seem to realise that its their fault.

EoT Command Center Thursday August 26, 1999
Viento del Lago just informed me that he has been finished setting up the house he is going to allow to be the brand new EoT Command Center!  The house will be public, and all the house's contents will be targeted towards a beautiful public building for the guild.  We will be distributing runes to the house soon! If you want to cooperate with the house's furnishing, you can give eitherhouse add-ins, rare items, ornaments, offer in gold or wood in order to make more furniture.  Comments welcome!
Update: Well, not necesarily.  Since Chesapeake went down just a couple of minutes after Viento did the whole house thing, we can expect.. let's se... 3 1/2 hour timewarp? :(
Morale: On patch day, go out, see the [real] world, take your wife to a movie (or to a Baby clothing shop on my case)... in general, get a life.
wpe4.jpg (26012 bytes)
Whiplash still wonders why Viento decided to hang
her from the EoT Command Center's sign post!
It's Patch Day Wednesday August 25, 1999

Remember this day, because as you should know, today it's patch day.  At least that is what every other site except stratics say for today... if you ignore the countless LadyMOI interviews and pictures, that is..
Now, just after I patched I found a dull grey login screen full of screwed-up button and icon art, no servers to test on whatsoever.
Ahh! Mom, I'm scared! Please make everyone else have the same problems! I dont want to be alone! :(

Buying a house Tuesday August 24, 1999

Update! I just received this from Flint:

We will be implementing a new guild advancement tax.
What this will do, is give us the resources to advance the guild, whether it be help newbies, help guild members advance in skills, or even buy bigger and better houses for the guild. This is a voluntary tax, but is strongly urged that everyone contributes. This will only work if everyone participates though.

What i am hoping to accomplish with this is to have everyone help each other and also to build up a treasury for the guild.

This is the way things will work. First, we have a large array of different tradespeople in the guild, and with them doing what they do best, we can have a good size treasury in no time.

Each raw material will have a set gold piece value to it. Then the raw material will be given to the respective tradesperson. They will in turn take the materials and make whatever they can with it and then sell it. The gold that they make from these items will then be given to the treasurer of the empire to hold in the bank until it is needed.

The benefits of this will be:

  1. This will be an easy way for people to build there skills and also help the guild grow financialy.
  2. This will also be used to help new players in the guild to get a good start with regs, weapons, and armor.
  3. This will also be used to supply the guild with clothes and food.
  4. This will be used to buy new buildings for the guild to all use.
  5. This will also be able to be used as loans for members of the guild that have contributed. If you do not contribute, then dont come to me asking for loans. But, on the other hand, if you contribute, i will be glad to help you out.

The way loans will work:

Loans will be given to any player that has contributed to the treasury.

If you have contributed 50,000 gold worth of materials or gold, then you will be able to borrow up to 50,000 gold.

This is a current value for raw materials. The only way this will change is by the merchants telling me that they can get alot more for the materials then what is stated here, or the price is to high to make a decent profit from it.

    Ingots...........................4 gold per
    Logs.............................3 gold per
    Hides............................4 gold per

If anyone knows anything else that needs to be added to this list, please let myself or Phantom Lord know and we will see that it is added.

One final note, gold is always acceptable. Lets work together to make this
work to better our empire. Thank you for your help in this.
Flint Fireforge

I just want to share with you a good experience I had when I got my two new houses.   This is the link to the web page to a House Broker on Chesapeake who sold me the houses, he was helpful and honest, his name was Skeeve.  He also had a great selection on buildings too! Click here!

Regarding to Stats and Skills Monday August 23, 1999

I got this email as a response to why my stats rise so slow now that I an GM fisherman: (please note the mind boggling detail)

The theory behind this is that the better you get, the harder it is to gain.
This is true in real life as it is in UO!
GM Llano

And two plugs you will surely want to read: This one and this one too.  What does boggling mean?

NY Player Luncheon (it was a luncheon, right? (what is a luncheon?)) Saturday August 21, 1999

I found at Lum's website the link to another web site with pictures (yeah, including LadyMOI) and info about the New York event.  Check it out here.
Now, commentary to that:

There was an interesting part on SunSword, regarding Siege Perilious.  He claims that population on SP is three times the one that was on Abyss.  He also says that Abyss was not cost effective.
Because of this, according to him, the Siege perilious way of life is more popular than the Abyss's was.  I would rather say that SP is more popular because 1. Its a permanent shard, 2. Its a permanent shard that started from ZERO.  Abyss was a test shard, read: was always at risk of being wiped regularily.  I am still unsure if the rules that make Siege Perilious popular are inherently more popular than the ones that made Abyss popular IN SPITE of that it was a test world.
Also, the entire answers set to the crowd's questions, to me, reflect the poor state of oganization of the UO team right now.  When was the date when DD and the rest of the old dev team were "moved"? a month ago? more? Did they were replaced by more staff or just the remaining staff? I beleive, for now, that UO is definitely much more than the current team (not just dev team) can currently handle.  I hope, they solve this.  Hire more people or more competent people (I'm not there, I dont know which one, maybe both).
When the team change was announced, I thought, well, these were the people that started the fun update wave, how bad can it be?  Now, it seems that they dont have enough resources or enough resource QUALITY to do the job of maintaining, much less growing UO.
Comments on the subject definitely welcome.

Lord British Speaks Friday August 20, 1999

I stole this part from Lum's website:

Richard Garriott: Yeah, Origin is 100 percent committed to capitalizing on the leadership position that we now have within massively multi-player online gaming. I have a personal drive to be a storyteller, which is a lot easier to do in single player games than it is in massively multi-player games. In fact, our storytelling in Ultima Online is negligible, but in Ultima IX, the whole point of the game is to tell a story. We really believe that one of the reasons why Ultima Online has had its success is because the single player Ultimas created this rich fictional backdrop for the world. So in fact we need to be able to do the same sort of storytelling in a massively multiplayer game that we can do for single player games.

If you don't know, Richard Garriot is also know as Lord British.  If "Lord British" does not ring a bell either, click here.
Does that mean that there will NEVER be a story behind UO? Hoping for an Ultima-series story is helpless then... I think I'm going to go and delete the Ultima-fiction petition page from this web site right away. :(  What do you think?
BTW, last night we passed the 3000+ web hits mark to the EoT website! Congratulate yourselves! After you're finished with that, go tell all of your freinds to come here and see our lil' spot in webland.

OK! OK! I Give up! (sorry, I started gfetting the dates wrong again)
Thursday August 20, 1999

Update! I had this link on my head since a while ago.   I thought then that it was pretty cool.  But for some reason It did not come up in my head to put it here.  I just sent it to a couple of friends, and they agreed that It was pretty cool indeed, so here it isWarning! If you put a bag of ice inside your PC it wont run ANY faster and the water might damage it.

Look at this link, then look at this one, and after you're through, look at this one!  If it wasn't enough, now go look at this last one! See my point? I know, I know, everybody went nuts.
It's all madness!
Remember the olde conspiracy theory that I talked you about? No? Well, beleive me, I told you! :)
There are no news besides the ones on the links above.  Ah, yeah, Reactive Armor has been disabled, *again*.  What is it? the 7th time? Give it up and remove it altogether! PLEASE!
I read every day most of the news pages.  UO Stratics is very quiet, the olde UOVault is not quiet but with news that, well, does not interest everyone.  Lum's website is hilarious but with no news... and your lil' eot website has been quiet because of this and because I'm playing now in TWO shards.  My friends from The Chosen are rich and cool, so I've been hanging with them a bit more.  (Which is definitely more than zero).
Any of you have anything new to report? Please let me know!

News? What news?? Monday August 16, 1999

I found something! Aye. Lum the mad writes this fun report about an event that supposedly taking place in the middle of the desert. No, i dont know which desert. A hot desert I assume.  Well, read it here.  If you dont really care, well, there is a pic of LadyMOI not looking bad at all.  I assume its just a nice photo tho.
Also, the bugs are coming back! It seems they were waiting for DR TwiT to go away.   So be careful with your house, thiefs, etc.  Explotis seem to be rampant on the land.

Back to the News! Friday August 13, 1999

Update!: This is a story of real!

Today, I was at Magincia bank chatting with the friends of EoT when I noticed a guy trying to rob me from my recall scrolls.  He was quickly whacked by the guards shortly after tho.
Then, when the chatting stopped, I went on my way to my ship to start my daily fishing routine, when I noticed a guy following.  That was strange enough, and I quickly got to look for my ship key and, as I had guessed, I hadnt it with me!
I quickly rushed back to the bank, and it wasnt there either.  Then I called my friends from EoT and quickly they started on the search.
Blackmore told me the guy was already looking for the ship, Flint quickly followed him also.
Then Phantom Lord proved that I am not paying for his reagents for nothing! He quicly started digging for the other ship key in his bank! It took him a while since it was well hidden behind his own crowded backpack!
When he finally got hold of it, he ran to the boat, and quickly both Flint and Blacmore joined him.
They travelled a short distance by sea, and on the same Magincia shore, there was the man still looking for the boat. He almost jumped in also! After this, we headed for Occlo shore to switch ship locks and when it was all secured, we calmly returned the ship to its original location!
I was lucky because the guy tried to rob me even more.
Also because he tried to follow me, instead of just start looking for the ship.
But mostly, I was lucky because I am among the best people Britannia has! My fellow guild friends from EoT! Thanks guys! That was close, and It even was fun! :)
Fisherman Fleet Captain
Empire of Twilight

Today is a better day for updates, considering that the Chesapeake login servers decided to give most of us, for a very long time, a beautiful "Entering Britannia..." screen.
To start, read the last UO House of Commons chat log with the *new* dev team.
Then pay a visit to the new UO Stratics center at Chesapeake.  After you go, you come back here and let us know what is all the fuzz about.
Also, I added the website of The Fishing Council of Britannia's Library to the Links section.  Lots of useful info there.
Then I checked the Chesapeake login screen again and it is STILL entering Britannia.
After that, I read all the previous updates on the now mildly sucking Lum the Mad webpage, where he rants about a price war on Siege Perilious.  Not that I care too much.
If anything new comes up, or Chesa comes back, Ill let you know. :P

Shameless Plug for today :) Thursday August 12, 1999
Fulton got bored, the SOS keep coming, very fast.  So he decided to lower his prices on the pesky items to an ever low... 6K gold! Nananina, his master, started a loud fight on the subject but he won this one.   Dont miss the opportunity!
Ahh, yeah, I beleive this is the last shameless plug.  :) Hey, it's my first vendor since UO beta phase two! :) Besides, there is NOTHING to note about UO, besides that OSI moved again the date for the next patch. :P
wpe5.jpg (2853 bytes)
Fulton grieves before
the damn SOS bottles
Shameless Plug of the Day Wednesday August 11, 1999
Please meet Fulton, the new member of the merchants in EoT's Vendor Family.  He is carrying a varied selection of useful, valuable and rare items, mostly recovered from sunken treasure.  He also will be regularly carrying SOS bottles and Level 1 Treasure maps at a very fair price.  Go give him a visit! Just outside Cove entrance.
wpe4.jpg (27979 bytes)
Meet Fulton, whom the finger points!
Guild Charter and the EoT Smorgasbord Tuesday August 10, 1999

Today, I published the new and official EoT Guild Charter.  Yesterday I put up the brand-new EoT Smorgasbord.  That means we will be offering goods for the good citizens of Chesapeake through the Web! Please go see both, and let us know what do you think.
Regarding the EoT Web Shoppe, please advertise it like there is no tomorrow! Currently the inventory is somewhat limited, but with the growing Workforce available at EoT, you can be sure it will go UP like Dr Twister's Ego! Just today I did fish out my first weapon of Vanquising. I only need a couple of those, the rest will go like hot cakes. :)

Tournament! Saturday August 7, 1999
It started almost on schedule, we had a big presence from many of the Guild. Not all of course!
The first fight was with Promethium Kryxx and Whiplash.  It was mostly a beating tho, poor Whiplash did not really stand a chance.
After that, we had a second fight, just before Time seemed to stop all over Britannia. Because of this,. we had to move to talk about the event in the void.  Well, others met, I just saw Flint. :P
wpe4.jpg (13130 bytes)
This is the typical EoT way: All Silent!
Guild Recruitment Page Friday August 6, 1999

I updated, hopefully for the good, the Guild recruitment page.  if you dont know, its at the menu on the right, behind the "Join EoT Now!" link.  let me know what do you think! I also streamlined (how nice that word sounds... err ... reads) the delivery process, so your applications should be processed faster now.

Banner Exchange thingie Thursday August 5, 1999

UPDATE: Nananina just hit 100.0 Fishing! WOOOHOOO! (BTW, I beat Dakar on that skill race for a very small margin)
Another Update: I just received this email from someone at Turbine (or Microsoft):


We know you are still eagerly awaiting word of your invitation to start beta testing Asheron's Call. We are now entering a phase of aggressive expansion of the beta, so please keep the faith. Meanwhile, here's a way to pass those anxious days:

Asheron's Call will be showcased to the public for the first time at this year's 32nd Annual GenCon Game Fair in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 5 - 8. GenCon is recognized as being the largest gaming convention in the nation for science fiction, fantasy, and general game-playing fans.

Asheron's Call has been in closed beta testing since April of this year, meaning that only a limited number of beta testers have been able to experience this highly anticipated game. With this weekend's events at GenCon, gamers don't have to wait for its holiday release to explore the expansive New World. Those not able to attend GenCon can participate virtually by joining the online chat hosted by the MSN Gaming Zone. Several key members from the development team will be present to discuss Asheron Call's progress. The online chat takes place at 5:30 PM CDT on Friday, August 6. You can join the chat by going to:
In conjunction with the chat, Microsoft will also host a site dedicated to Asheron's Call where live updates and photos from the Microsoft booth and show floor will be posted:
Some Microsoft-sponsored events for those lucky enough to attend GenCon in person include an Asheron's Call costume contest on Saturday, August 7 at 4:00 PM CDT. The best-dressed fan will win a life-size model of one of the game's most ferocious monsters. On Saturday, August 7, at 12:30 PM CDT and Sunday, August 8, at 2:30 PM CDT, Microsoft will also sponsor poster signings with fantasy author Chris Pierson ("Spirits of the Wind" and "Dezra's Quest") who scripted the game's backstory. Pierson will sign special collectable posters that include a detailed map of the Isle of Dereth.

Ken Karl
Asheron's Call Community Lead

Hello.  Today I inserted our fisrt Banner Exchange thing. It's not really supposed to be working yet.  Lets just see how it serves in promoting our humble web page!
And no, almost no news worth mentioning.  Ah, today starts the closed beta test of something I have almost no idea what is.  Should we care just because its from OSI? I don't know, but I'm sure I'll be trying to get in!
I hear a rumor that Dr Twister was found dead in his shower. He had marks all over his body made with a skinning knife, saying "Corp Por".  His mother is missing, web police is searching all of the "Twit Rebel" websites around the internet for her whereabouts.
If you have any information regarding this strange case, click here.

Almost another OSI Conspiracy theory Wednesday August 4, 1999

Since the last few days, and maybe beyond last week, all the UO web sites have been extremely quiet.  They have been resorting to lesser news or to no updates at all.
What is going on? With DD's departure everything is strangely silent... even the last UO HoC chat log was uninteresting, barely worth reading.
If I was the "OSI Conspiracy Everywhere" kind of guy, I would be ranting already.  But no, so.. no. :)
Even DrTwiT is quiet.  Maybe his mommy told him to just shut up. :)  Are mommys all around the Internet telling their sunnies to shut up? I'll call mine and ask her, I will tell you later what I find out. (If my mommy allows me to, of course).

Guild Ranks Survey Tuesday August 3, 1999

I got this from Flint, this is all thanks to a great suggestion from Arlyn:  I ended up rewriting most of it, so it is definitely prettier but maybe not "exact".

We need everyone that is on the EoT Guild Stone to send us (that means Flint) the details on your characters. Also I need you to decide what is going to be the character type you want on each char: Fighter, Mage, or Tradesman.  For example: (it does not have to be a pretty table, it does not have to be a web page, it MUST have all the info). If you have UO Assist taking it out is VERY EASY, just log in with each char, in the skills list sort by value and copy the highest skills to a text file or an email message. BTW, thanks, I knew you would like it, its a pretty table after all.

Char Name Main Skill Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
Dakar GM alch 97.9 Fishing 60 taste id Tradesman
Flint Fireforge GM smith GM swords, GM tacts Fighter

This will work in a first-come, first-served basis.  That means that you wont be really becoming part of the new Empire structure unless you provide us with the new information.
Also, If you send in this info quickly, you will get a quicker and better choice in the Tournament slots.  And no, we dont mean it will be EASIER for you, just "more comfy".  And for what i've seen, most of EoT fighters are not exactly piece of cake (That's why am thinking twice about submitting PL as a fighter) :)
I will also be working on requesting all this info in the EoT membership web form.   And I am sure someone will want MORE info to be requested soon, so do it NOW.
Also, I edited most of the original message, but its still Flint the one you should be contacting on this matter.

On a side note, does any body has any "dark" skills like snooping, stealth. stealing, etc? We should have a "dark" division of EoT... or something. Well, maybe not. What do you think?
And on another sidenote, sorry Black, I think I will be putting the other picture this afternoon!

I just added, at the Links section, the link for the UO Screenshot utility. Enjoy!

Battle of the GMs Second Edition Monday August 2, 1999
wpe3.jpg (6890 bytes)
Flint proudly presents: a head
I was heading for southern Magincia docks, when I heard the news.  I quickly ran to the councelor building and there they were.   It was Ajax, Flint, Blackmore, ImOuttaHere and me, your friend Phantom Lord.
It did not last much tho.  In the battle of Ajax vs Flint Fireforge, we saw a lot of blood coming around.  We all were surprised how fast the Katana sliced the air and repeatedly hacking on the flesh of the opponent.
wpe1.jpg (4866 bytes)
Can you hear the *thump*?
After a short while, the now dead body fell down to the carpet.  It was a good fight, the rematch would be certainly very interesting.
And to our leader Flint, congratulations!
A short while later, the fight was between Flint and ImOuttaHere.  This one took quite a bit longer, but after the dust had settled there was only one winner!
It is good to realise that whe do have quite a good number of great fighters in our ranks!
wpe2.jpg (7580 bytes)
I'm outta here too.
Guild Titles Sunday August 1, 1999

I received another suggestion for the guild titles thingie. Here it is:

Chancelor Marshal Archmage
Tradesman General Sorceror
Captain Magician
Leuitenant Conjurer
			* other military titles that might be needed. 

I think that is about it for today.  If you want more news, click here.
BTW, anybody has the link to Designer Dragon's personal web page? I have been wondering whats on it at the moment, but I seeminlgy lost it. :P

More Misc News Satturday July 31, 1999

Hello! I am here, at work, stuck.  I am actually waiting for some slow software installation, so here is your quick update for today.
First, it seems that Lum's webpage is no longer considered as nonexistant by the Stratics staff! That could actually mean that the EoT webpage might someday get to be acknowledge by the main UO media sites too! I have high hopes still!
On more news, Richard Garriot and UO were the target of some CNBC report showing LB's castle in real life. I think that is as cool as ..  well, +0.1 more magery skill!!
I also was informed that our friend Losgar has put up a vendor in the Guildhouse selling scrolls and runes.  Good luck!
Arlyn suggested to me the other day that we could spice up the web front of our Guild's vendors.  Is anybody up for compiling a Vendor/Owner/Usual Inventory/Normal Prices list for the guildhouse? Let me know. Also, on the Guild colors, Guild Titles thing, I think that we should have someone gathering and updating the Official EoT Guild Titles Reference document.  The document does not exist yet besides that horribly capitalised post at the message board. I just thought it would be neat if we built one while we are discussing the whole issue.
Humm, there are other news, but I think I cant remember much right now.
Besides, I should be working anyways...

Some Misc. News Thursday July 29, 1999

Update! Isn't it amazing? :)
Anyhow, on stratics there is a very good article on the Healer profession. Check it out!
There is nothing new on Siege Perilious except that it will be wiped. That is cool since the characters I created sucked very deeply.  It is bad for the guild who took the time to actually buy a house for triple the price in normal shards.  Also Origin is hiring like crazy.  Humm... there are some rumors of guild colors and other fun guild activities going on, so stay tuned here or in the message board.  There was some noise about EQ sucking even more now than when it started in the controversial Lum the Mad page. Lets see... Guild ranks are growing, that's actually good. The KfR merger was completed, please say Welcome! to our new friends on my behalf.   Also tell them to come visit this website often, even when there are no updates like this week.  There are some new members but I dont have the pics yet. Oh well, I beleive that there is nothing more I can post from the top of my head.  That forces me to put up some of the pics that I've been receiving. :)
I just realised (all by myself, no help from outsiders... besides, it took me ONLY a couple of days) that an email Flint sent me was actually intended so that I put it up here... Ahhhh!!!!

Anyway, here is the message.

The merger with KfR has been completed! This was started about 2 P.M. Sunday afternoon with the acceptance of Shaq into our Empire.
Soon after him we added Val, Narayan, Snow Dragon, and a Narayan's "Friend". Hopefully we will have more of the old KfR members coming to join us in the next couple of days.
With these new members we have 26 members in the guild, and of these members I am glad to say that we have approximately 15 active players.

Note 1: It almost took me more to clean up Flint's post than to realize this was meant to be up here at the web page.
Note 2: I am not sure if Flint included me when he says something about "active players" so don't ask me.

if you hadn't noticed, please do: I changed the pic of the day. :)

More on the ULTIMAte PC Friday July 23, 1999

Yeah, I just updated the ULTIMAte PC page.  I added some hardware options to the list and updated the prices.  I took into account some of the suggestions you are sending, please keep on doing so! And tell your hardware freak friends to come by and drop me a note on what should I get on each of the categories.  Remember, the page is under the Articles section.
I also deleted a whole bunch of material. And of course, I moved all of it to the Old News page.  There is a LOT of fun stuff there that you surely missed, go there to check it out!
I also added a web statistics feature thanks to Tripod.  Try to discover where it is!
Also, for the love of god, send me something neat to put up here so I can finally replace the pic of the day!

The Fisherman's Pricing Guide Thursday July 22, 1999

Hello.  I just found somewhere the link to the Fishing Council of Britannia.  The interesting part is their Fisher's Pricing Guide to Shipwreck Salvage.  Also their website is very cool.

The ULTIMAte PC Wednesday July 21, 1999

First, there were new changes made to the rules at Siege Perilious.  Read them at the UO Update Center.
Also, I started working today at a new AWESOME article.  I plan to update it frequently with the latest in hardware and software until I finally buy the parts to build my new ultimatePC! Use it as a guide for the best buys in gaming hardware and software for your PC. Sugestions are definitely welcome. Go read it here.   It is a must!

Sailing the rough Seas Tuesday July 20, 1999
wpe1.jpg (10727 bytes)
Macroing in the rough seas (don't)
Siege Perilious Monday July 19, 1999

HAHA! I did not put this up till today because friday I was PLAYING!
Last friday we went to give Siege Perilious a test ride.  All I can say it was FUN! We were running scared off from all kinds of beasts from llamas to trolls.  Also we figured that we picked the worst skills.  :) Here are some pics for your enjoyment:

wpe1.jpg (16112 bytes)
The Death Robe was the fashion garment of choice
(except for Viento, the one talking misspelled spanglish)
wpe2.jpg (12011 bytes)
I dont know what the hell they were talking
about, but it seemed they had BIG plans!

It was extremely cool to be utterly newbies, I hear that there are now quite a bit of GMs who either macroed or played the entire duration of the weekend. When I first got into it, I beleived that there were no guards in town, but there are.  Maybe it should be called Siege Frustratious instead of Perilious...
More comments should follow later in the afternoon, so stay tuned!
BTW, I was expecting HUGE reactions in the message board regarding to SP, and there is NONE, NADA.  For the love of god, please start discussing about it, posting strategies, what kind of char you started there and where should we meet so we can raise some money and skills as a group, before it gets crowded again of pks and thieves MORE ADVANCED THAN US.

Guild Recruitment Form is UP! Friday July 16, 1999

Siege Perilious
I thought everybody knew about it already.  Anyhow, there is a new test shard called Siege Perilious which should turn in the near future (about one week) into the permanent Abyss Shard replacement.  I already started a char named, surprise, Phantom Lord as a fletcher/lumberjack, and he currently resides (very scared) within one of Yew's archery shops (the big one i think).  I am sure survival within this shard is going to be not being alone, so if you have your plans in this shard, be sure you let us all know so we can instead make a big group plan.  Also, be sure to read the news about it at www.owo.com because its NOT your ordinary shard! In fact, dont dare going out before you read the latest UO HoC chat log with the UO dev team here.
A NY Times article seemingly published today created horror in the Ultima fan population.  I put up the article under ´'NY Times' in the Articles section, go read it is very interesting... and scary.
Then later, Rich Vogel cleared up the news, in another email, stating that Lord British is not leaving Origin. *PHEW!*
And on further news, my father (yes, my dad) pointed out to me that there is a bug in the latest update of Norton Antivirus, where it identifies one of ICQ's DLL files as a Trojan virus.  It is a false alarm, and there is information about it in the Norton Antivirus web site. BTW, you DO care about this, its just that you might not know it!  Its just that it happened almost at the same time as the announcement of the Back Orifice 2000 Trojan/virus, and ICQ being in general accepted as *almost* a virus on its own.
Humm... let me see...ah yesterday I macroed (attended macroing, of course) for about 6 hours and gained a total of ZERO fishing skill.  I raised from 94.9 to exactly 94.9... AND YOU STILL WONDER WHY SCUMBAGS LIKE ME MACRO IN THIS GAME???
Well, that's it for now, but I havent finished through all of the news pages I also steal material from, so more updates might come in today.

Guild Recruitment Form is UP! Thursday July 15, 1999

Yeah, isn't it amazing? Now it's even easier to Join EoT! Just click on the link to the right to enter the Guild Recruitment form.  This link is also under the Guild Charter page.  Go see it, and let us know what do you think!  Or maybe tell your friends about this page, so they can also be a part of the Empire!
Update!  I just stole this from a mailing list, I was soo impressed that I immediately put it up:

From: Tony Zeigler xxxxxxx@yahoo.com (email address deleted for privacy)
Subject: Re: Can someone enlighten me to PvP tactics?

First of all, you need to practice with an effective combo that works good for you. And yes, make sure
EVERY bit of it is hot-keyed, so the only thing you use your mouse for is movement.
For example: You see a player, you cast magic missile. If it reflects, wait for them to put reflect back up,
then magic missile again. Keep this up till they are low on mana, or start to cast something besides reflect.
Once they move to something besides putting reflect up, curse them. Then paralyze. Then explosion, eb, eb.
Make sure your good at using last target. Get used to using it.
Don't let yourself get below 50 mana unless your sure the next spell will kill them.
Don't lose your cool. If ya die, no biggie. You have to keep thinking straight and smooth if you want to
survive. Wild key punching just wont cut it.
Know the limits of what you can handle - and recall if you think you can't win.
Carry around a poisoned weapon, or cast poison on them when their reflect is down. It might drain them some hp, but mostly it will distract them. Thats a good thing.
If you get poisoned, don't lose your cool. If its deadly poison, just try to recall. At least if you die
then, you keep your stuff (make sure you have an out of the way recall spot - or directly inside a healer
shop). If its not deadly poison - and its usually not - don't sweat it. Often its better to wait on curing
it until your done with the fight.
If someone is healing using bandaids - poisoning them is a GREAT tactic.
If someone has a vastly better link than you - recall. Its not even worth fighting someone who can be off
your screen and gone the moment they get hurt.

If you liked it, or you have tactics on your own, don't hesitate to share them at the message boards!

Guild Roster Turmoil Wednesday July 14, 1999

First, let me point out that the Dungeon story of last week is credit of Max Carnage.  If you havent got the time to see it, read it here.
Also, there are some rumors going on about a shake-up in EoT's power hierachy, so stay tuned!
I am also adding a link for the Paxlair News page at the Chessie.net website.  Check it out!

Important news: I just received this:

I am sorry to have to inform all of you of this, but there has been a problem with someone killing EoT members. The first was Mortimor (sorry if I mispelled it), and there was another attack sunday or monday night. We do not know who did this attack for sure. We cannot have or members being attacked when they are not prepaired for it or cut down in cold blood.
I was hoping that with the alliances we would be able to help each other grow and prosper, but because of a few people I have to stop this for the time being. I do not know any other way to handle this. so until further notice there is only one guild that we have an alliance with and that is with Akira and his guild. there is only a couple members in his guild, so it is very easy to know if any of his members does this kind of thing. I am very sorry for this and I hope that the other guild masters will understand this. If i can make sure that this doesn't happen again then I will ally with other guilds. but in the meantime we have but only 1 alliance. I hope that we are still on good standings with our former allies and hope they will understand. i am sorry for this but it has to be done.
Take care friends and I hope you all understand.
Flint Fireforge, Guildmaster

I would add that If you have further information or questions regarding this matter, please post it on the message board or email myself or Flint.
Now, some happy news.  I received this from Ovak:

Okay, to let everyone in on the story here, everyone knows my house is near Yew and the Orc fort there. While I was out one day, I happened to run into a group of adventurers, chopping down Orcs like they were nothing. I saw one Orc, a very young one at that, hiding behind a tree. I grabbed him up, before they could kill him too, and hauled butt to Magincia. Where I left him until I could get in touch with the Orcs of Paxlair. So now, I am in the process of trying to get in touch with them to see if they can raise him in the ways of an Orc, and at least give him a chance at life. See, I'm not all kill and kill and kill again.

Editor's note: The name of the Orc seems to be Ker'Putz da Urkie, and he's entirely wrecking the message board! (go see it if you dont beleive me).
More news! (Jesus, will this update ever end?).  I am starting to build a new Guild recruit form.  If you have any suggestions on rules, what to ask for, etc. please discuss it on the message board.  I will let Flint know the address of the test ´page so we can beta test it when its up.

A "friend" of mine invoked a GM in the game to ask about fishing, skill gain and macroing.  This person told me that the GM said that it is unattended macroing what the OSI peple is after, so attended macroing should be OK.  Also it seems that overloading your backpack with 125 items to make fishing skill gain faster is also OK! If anybody has any thoughts about this let me know.  Now MY rant on the subject: It seems that the theoretical maximum skill gain on fishing when my skill is around 94 is not very far 1.0.  That means, if you have the time for NOT macro fishing during 21 hours of the day, you will gain not much more than 1.0 skil points for such superhuman effort. Still wonder why people DO macro?
Also, Dakar just pointed out to me, that Necromancy shows as a new skill! At least it seems so in the UO Assist screen. Good news it seems!

} What? Another OSI conspiracy theory? Friday July 9, 1999

Well. Kind of. :)
Anyhow, for those of you who have been wondering about what was the deal about that Orc leader thingy in Paxlair, it seems that there is a smelly story about a Senior Counselor Boot abusing power at a public event in PaxLair. The interesting part is that seemingly (I hope this is wrong, I like that site) some of the Stratics staff is attempting a cover up on the whole incident.  Now, read this page from a News site written by a friend who writes text that is much more fun to read than mine.
Also, go to the Ultima Horizons website to read a lot of interesting stuff about the upcoming Ultima 9:Ascension.
And do all of that while you wait for the proper time, because it seems that there is going to be lots of ACTION going on tonight.   GM Flint Fireforge sent me this:

This is to let everyone know that we will be meeting tonight at approximately 8 pm EST. at the Magincia Bank. We are planning on going to some dungeon or somewhere else to hunt. You can't miss it!
Flint Fireforge

If I find more news I will post them later today, so keep coming back!

Today's Adventure Thrusday July 8, 1999

We went out (or in) today... We visited Deceit level 4.  There were some liches and a lot of fire elementals, one after the other.   It was Viento and Phantom Lord, then Snow Dragon from KfR appeared and helped us a lot.
There was this guy from dont know what guild, who was trying to get us killed by making paralyze fields, so we would step on them and get killed by the elementals.  Lousy scheme, because we normally dont die JUST because of the fire beasts.  And here was where Snow gave us the most help. :) Thanks!
The loot was awesome, and we had a lot of fun.  Join us the next time!

I also received this email (after about 20 days of waiting)

There is no reason that UO shouldn't run on NT, as long as you have the
latest service pack. UO requires DirectX and SP4 and later contain portions
of DirectX that UO requires.
We haven't tested UO on NT, so, unfortunately I don't have any suggestions
other than to just make sure that all of your devices are properly setup and
are using the latest drivers.
Jason W.
Technical Support
Tech@owo.com <mailto:Tech@owo.com>
Origin Worlds Online

I had dicsovered a workaround for the problem, but it is good to hear from SOMEONE at OSI.
I also added a link to a good friend Gaming website.  Go find it at the Links section!

Server .. err .. Shard Wars Wednesday July 7, 1999

URGENT UPDATE! I found the following in a post by famouse Joshua Rowan in a UO Mailing List:

The Dungeon Keeper Gems will be located on the CHESAPEAKE shard for Wednesday, July 7th. Be sure to remember to call a GM once you've found one of the black gems to win either a free month of UO gametime or a free copy
of Dungeon Keeper 2!
Your hint for which dungeon is: "The bodies of fallen warriors rest in the crypts outside this dungeon."
Good luck everyone!

Update! I found the news for today I was looking for:
There is a VERY GOOD preview on Diablo II that really makes us want to be able to run to some shop to buy this game.   Check it out!

I found this in the Chesapeake News of the UO Stratics website.  It is about the Server Wars that take place just before the Scheduled Maintenance downtime every day.  Sounds fun enough!
Also, I met Blackmore yesterday and he was kind enough to help this Webmaster friend of mine that I have been talking so much about lately.  He actually friended him to one of his many establishments in Mount Blackmore's... not only that, he gave me a key to it! Now I ... err... my friend will have somewhere to dump all his unvaluable crap. UO Game Masters are actually evaluating the possibility of giving names to geographical locations when a single player owns a significant part of the Britannia landscape.

Also, anyone has treasure maps or SOS in bottles to sell? Or maybe knows where to buy them? or maybe wants to share the experience of recovering it with the guild? Let us know!

No, It's not ALL crap... just most of it. Tuesday July 6, 1999

Today, I was reading the main UO sites and there was not really that much worth mentioning.  Then I went to Lum's and he dares to post these lousy links.   At AC Stratics it still the same old news.  Then I went to Dr. Twister's, and after digging deep beneath all his conspiracy nonsense I found something useful! It's supposed to be a bug, but it's not an exploit... at least I dont see it like one so, there it goes:

This may come in handy for some of you as an easier way to transfer gold. Take a look:
All you have to do is put any amount of gold into a bag while in your bank, then put this bag inside another bag in your bank. The second bag can be dragged from your bank to your pack and the gold stays at 0 weight. The bag can also be traded in a trade window. It gains it's true weight when you log out and back in, probably when you cross a server boundry too. I transferred 700k in one go last week using this, saves you paying for somthing in 10k chunks for fear of it dropping to the floor.

I suggest testing it between trusted friends and/or when there's no one else around... In fact, I offer myself if you want to test this and at the same time help with some gold this poor EoT Webmaster I know of... He has come back from a long time and it would be nice if he could get a house to put in safe storage all the unvaluable crap that clogs his bank box. :)
This said, I am still hunting for some interesting news.   *yawns*.
Ah, I found a link to the latest Middle-Earth House of Commons chat log with the ME's Dev Team.
Nah, that's it. What can I say, it's a slow day! Do you have any news?? If I stumble about something worth putting up here, I'll let you know.

If you have decided you are going to give that poor Webmaster I told you about some support, then email me and I'll let him know! ;)

Adventuring! Monday July 5, 1999

Hello, Phantom Lord here.
We had a great time around the woods northeast of Brittain this afternoon (feel free to touch your browser's window, it's still warm!).
It was Ovak,  a new crew-friend with the funny name of Viento del Lago and Me.   Viento, he plays mostly at Great Lakes (he is rich there and he has a slightly better name there too: "MX"). This pal, who we find easier to refer to as just "v", he is a very good friend of mine, so you can feel free to trust him... (if you trust ME in the first place, that is).
Anyway, we went hunting and we rescued a couple of souls, we helped out a bit of more souls, we kicked the respective asses of many of the following creatures: Deers, bunnies, goats, birdies, etc.
Nahh, it really was (all of from which emanated this terrible smell... oh, the smell!) Harpies, Gargoyles, Ettins (both heads), Trolls, Reapers, Ratmen, Lawyers, Lizardmen, Corpsers, dozens of Orcs and Orcish Magii.  I think there was more, but some of my thoughts were shaken  off my head by the blow of a troll's ugly mace.

wpe1.jpg (25933 bytes)
Ovak hiding behind the tree doing
you-know-what to an Orcish mage.
Notice Phantom's, "v"'s and everyone
else's attitude of "aww, that's disgusting!".

And now, to more important news: at Stratics, there are two articles on the Thief proffession.   Now, if you are not into that kind of scummy way of life (yea right, with your main char MAYBE), you will surely find it useful, even if it is to know what to be careful about while roaming Britannia.
Ah! I had forgotten! Asheron's Call Non-Disclosure agreement has been mostly lifted from the current team of beta-testers.  In fact, they can be called that now since AC's Beta Test Phase 1 has officialy started.
I also Updated the Members page, added Viento's pic and generally arranged, for the better I hope, the pics a little bit.
Well, gotta go back to work... real work that is.  This is just a waste of time!

More Web Links (I hope I did not screw up this time in title or date) Saturday July 3rd, 1999

Most of the UO news sites turned hilarious this weekend, so I updated again the Links section.  Pay special attention to The Chosen, Lum (yeah, I readded Lum's site, I liked his coverage on the guy ranting about EQ sucking so much as it does), Promethium's UO link and a new UO addon called UO Robot.
I also updated the Adventuring section with the ongoing Battle of the GMs with a new Tournament section.  There some pics and the official statement from Flint (If I can put any form of MEANING to what he sent me).

Today's News (sorry I repeated yesterday's title, I forget) Friday July 2nd, 1999
Here, a pic:
It all started when Trespatines rejoined the world (Great Lakes Shard) after a very long and silent death.  Seven Months, he did not even remembered by what means he was turned into the ghost form in which he found himself!
When finally he was able to rejoin with his long time friend SONY, they quickly proceeded to uncover some unhidden treasure.  When they finally uncovered the rusty old chest, Trespatines shuddered as he felt how a cold feeling crawled up his spine.  In the end, no external disturbance appeared, it was treasure and only that.  Then they rejoined in their lair to divy the loot!
wpe1.jpg (15456 bytes)
The Rogue Trespatines and his friend
SONY share the treasure

More News!  www.cdmag.com kind of officialized the news about the GM Darwin's firing and why -supposedly- it happened.  Read about it here.   The not-so-good part is that the source is still officialy Dr. Twister's scum website.  And if you are still intrigued by all of this, read The Darwin Files at the Lum Infamous' website.
Also at cdmag.com, more news about Asheron's Call.  Here is a snippet about this news:

We recently took a guided tour of Microsoft's upcoming massively-multiplayer title, Asheron's Call, and are now posting our observations in a four-part extended preview. The first installment just went live today, and the rest will follow shortly.

At Stratics, last night's UO House of Commons chat with the UO Dev Team has been posted.  Read about it here.   And I have an exam in half hour and I am updating this instead of STUDYING so that's why I am not finished with today's commentary. :P Ah! BTW, Argentina won over Ecuador 3 to 1 in their first game in Copa America!!!.

Updated Links Section (and one update to my last rant) Thursday July 1st, 1999

Udpated! README!! I just read a little birdie's (who lost a fight) message regarding an ONGOING competition between the Guildmasters.  read about it here.   Now, we could blame Flint on his possible victiories and losses.  Or we could HELP him! There are lots of sites with PvP strategies and we could help him train.  I am expecting your comments!
Hello! I just updated the Links section with one of the strongest EoT Allies, the Knights of the Forgotten Realm.  I was also introduced their Web Master Narayan, he is working hard to make a great web presence, so don't miss it!
On further news, the people at OSI support finally, after a very LONG wait replied to my second email.  They sent me a completeley pre-made letter which, no surprises here, is BARELY related to my problem.
Anybody has Pandemonium's email address? I beleive I will have to contact another player or a friendly Dev team member.  The people at support dont know CRAP... and if they DO know about the game, they lack the WILL to help.
The thing that really bothers me about all of this, is that this has been exactly like this, or worse, than it was in the UO Beta Test! (back in mid 1997).

And to move you a bit away from my thinking:  I just stole this from the AC stratics website:

Last week 3000 more people were allowed into the Asheron's Call beta program to help test out the massively multiplayer environment that many of us have already grown accustomed to. Beta 1 is now officially underway and some fresh new players are getting used to their new surroundings. Thousands more will be added in July.

And yes, I also drool over all of the Massively-multiplayer role playing game beta test program news, mainly because I am not into any one right now. :(  Just to clarify that it's not just Lord British and Ultima why I moisten my keyboard from time to time.
And to let you rest from this last thought, look what I found on the Ultima Horizons website regarding the upcoming Ultima 9:Ascension: (BTW, these are U:A Dev team posts on the U:A boards, and there's more, that's why I included the link for the source... not just as an apology for my tendency for web content theft)

There are children...but no babies. Children behave just as other NPCs do, only they have higher voices.
Also, there is only exactly one toilet in the game. (And you thought the lines at Disney World were long! ;-))


Rant Time Tuesday June 29, 1999

More than two weeks ago I sent an email to support@owo.com.  Can anyone confirm this is the UO support email addr? It's the same I've ever used.
Anyhow, this email I sent I've been forwarding this email again and again and still no response. What is wrong with this people??

I added the page that I claimed I added yesterday, go see it (really!) in the Adventuring section.
One more thing, here is a link to a very interesting page that is supposed to be a copy of a page that existed in Dr. Twister's website. Now, before you flame me for even mentioning Dr. Twister here, read it, (before it dissappears) because it is interesting enough.  It is related to the recent departure of one of OSI's GM from the company.

More Updates Monday June 28, 1999

Hello! I got into the game friday afternoon, too bad there was no Chesapeake to play in.  And all my rich good friends from Great Lakes were not in to play with either.  So I hung around Magincia bank, as a ghost in Great Lakes and also died quickly in Abyss... Jeez, I need to relearn how to play this game.
I received this from Blackmore:

So ya wanna be a bard. Heres the skinny of it. Begin with str maxed and provoking at 50 as well as magery 50. You will get newbie clothes and musical instrument.
You will need to get a spell book with at least 4 of 1st 4 levels incl. recall and great heal and cure. (get a full book asap)
Next PLAY that music ! till ya get 90+ musicianship. (I did it in cpl hours)
Last make peacemaking GM :)
A good practice is to go to light spawn (rabbits cats dogs...) provoke any small game to attack any big one. Then peacemake and provoke again. I tamed as well.
By the time ya have 80+ peacmaking you will have 90+ dex. Now is a great time to learn fighting.7 MACE is highly recommended for str gain. Archery also is good for secondary fightin skill.
Last tip is this : Dont be afraid to go to very dangerous places you have nothing to lose. Once ya have 95+ peace and music try Balrons :) just peacemake em n loot their chests of gold :)

Ah, I updated the Members page with Lorial's picture. I added some pics sent to Flint courtesy to Ursa Brunia, so now there are some very nice maps are in the Guild Charter page. There's also a new EoT Story! Go read it in the Adventuring section.
More news: Excalibur Bane from the UBB left the Blacksmith's multi-shard guild.   Even that I was (almost) never a Blacksmith, I am well aware of his work.  It is always sad when someone good from the game leaves.
Also, here some more news (not related to UO but cool news anyway)

Kirk Hammett was named the guitarist of the year on the guitar magazine in the august issue
More results from the guitar magazine readers poll 1998, the guitarist of the year: Kirk Hammett
Best rock album of all time: Master of Puppets
Best metal player: Kirk Hammett
Best existing band/performer: METALLICA
... and the favorite electric guitar was the fender stratocaster

More updates might come during the afternoon. Enjoy! :)

New Member! Friday June 25, 1999

Update! I just found this on a UO mailing list... It is the answer Designer Dragon gave to an inquiry about how's life in OSI's Austin HQ.  I felt it was interesting so here it goes:

One wall: a window looking at the parking garage, and one Fractal Painter poster. On the windowsill: Duke from Doonesbury, still with martini glass and Uzi, two rubber duckies, a plastic spiderweb, a leaning tower of Pisa, two Matchbox cars, three Slinkies (two are the woogly spiral kind), two "eyeballs" that always look up when you roll them, an 8 ball that works the same way, an origami dragon and an origami rose from Dr Cat, four Lego
knights, and a mini Eiffel tower, a hacky sack I can't use, a rubber ball, a string-and-stick puzzle with a foot-long plastic alligator from a tourist trap in Florida stuck thru the middle of it, and some roses and carnations I sculpted out of Play-Doh and won a contest here in the office with.
My desk: a Windows PC, pics of my kids, a 12x12 graphics tablet, a Linux machine, mugs, pens, and pencils.
Another wall: a whiteboard, currently filled with sketches and diagrams of compression methods for graphics, and a particularly nasty egrep line I have to have written down but which is very useful. Oh, and under the whiteboard, scribbles my daughter made with a dry erase marker, that don't come off. :P
A drafting table: with an Amdek composite monitor hooked up to an Atari 130XE 8-bit machine, with paddles, joysticks, tablet, and a near-complete collection of every game released for the platform.
Another wall, a door, two Fractal Painter posters, a T2A map, and a Dragonheart poster (which I only have because I got tickets to an advvance screening & they were giving them away).
Last wall, an X-Files poster, a Kermit poster, a Labyrinth poster, a Japanese UO poster, A U3 map, a UO map, an award, some certificates from management training classes, and a bookshelf.
On the bookshelf: a huge pathos affectionately nicknamed "the triffid" because it is actually taking over the office (seriously, it is draped across the walls until it reaches all the other walls in the office), a llama stuffed animal, a bunch of issues of game magazines, a bunch of
economics textbooks, a bunch of design docs marked "EA Confidential" for all sorts of projects both existent and non, a UO shelf with charter edition, standard edition, T2A edition, Japanese T2A, beta CDs, final CDs, UO hint book, unofficial hint book, T2A hint book, T2A manual, still-packaged T2A upgrade, a rune, speaker badges from conferences, a CD of player-written music about UO, a baseball, an issue of the Samwise print comic book, a Japanese T2A mousepad, letters from players, a recall rune (seriously, wood
with an ankh and with "First Bank of Britain" on the back in Runic), and copies of all magazines with UO articles in them that I can get ahold of. Next shelf: reams of UO design docs and sketchbooks. Next shelf: Software, including EQ (gasp!), Tanarus, Jedi Knight, Tribes, Half-Life, Baldur's Gate, and others, all obtained via swaps with the developers; plus dev stuff like Photoshop and several Fractal Painter paint cans.

> How about some pics of the servers which host the shards? That'd be
> pretty spiffy, especially for us techies.

Picture a rack.
Picture a plain old beige computer mounted in the rack.
Now picture a lot of them.
You might as well be there...

Today is a happy day because we are announcing the arrival of a new member for the Empire's Rank's.  Welcome Lorial!
The official announcement was (thx god it's just similar to the real thing) something like this:

Lorial is the newest member of our family, everyone has showed such support for her even before she was a member. I hope we comtinue to show the enthusiasm in the days and weeks to come.
Once again, welcome friend. You have some things yet to learn, but I feel that you will be a very good addition to our ranks. Welcome aboard!!
Glory to the Empire!!
Flint Fireforge, Wandering Healer

And if you are still wondering what exactly did I win, I am supposed to receive in the following month a cloth map (Of which game I am unsure) signed by Richard Garriot (aka Lord British) himself.  That is a great honor since I am a fan of the Ultima series (and the man, why should I deny it) even more than I am a fan of UO.  I will look forward into posting someday a scanned pic of the map, with the promise that you will not drool all over EoT's web page. :)
Unsure am I, but, the pic of Lorial received I have not. (hint)

I WON!! I WON!!! :) Thursday June 24, 1999

Here, today I received the following email (edited):

From:    Cindy Vanous [SMTP:cvanous@cdmag.com]
Sent:    Thursday June 24, 1999 0:08
To:    'Diego Vasquez'
(that's me)
Subject:    RE: Favorite Ultima Memory

Wow. *grin* Talk about irony.
Well, I am very pleased to announce you as the winner of our Favorite
Ultima Memory contest. Congratulations! Your letter will be included in
the latest issue of our RPG/Adventure newsletter.
If you would be so kind as to send me your full mailing address, as well as
a phone number (UPS uses phone numbers for tracking purposes), and the name
you would like Richard Garriott to inscribe on your map, your prize will
arrive within the next month!
Thanks again for entering, and congratulations on your win,
    - CindyV
Cindy Vanous
Acting Adventure/Role-Playing Editor
Computer Games Strategy Plus magazine, Computer Games Online
"Avoid cliches like the plague"

The interesting part is, I received it as a response to this I sent...:

From:    Diego Vasquez (that's me again)
Sent:    Monday, May 24, 1999 4:06 PM
To:    'rpg@cdmag.com'
Subject:    Favorite Ultima Memory

My favorite Ultima memory is in Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny.
There were many "foul" words that would not like to the inhabitants of
Britannia, all words that were not appropiate to use anyplace. Bad
language was not welcome in these lands, the same as on Earth.
Well, if you said "Electronic Arts" to any NPC on that game, the person
quicly answered similar to: "With a language like that, how did you get
to become an Avatar?".
Who would have guessed that Origin would be ever owned by EA?
Phantom Lord
Chesapeake Shard

Ahh! I never thought I could win with that. :) I don't want to raise any controversy however, so I would love If anybody would confirm it (my memory has never been great and I don't have any Apple II computer around to test it in Ultima V again... after all, it was almost 10 years ago!).  Anyhow, It would be terrific to get that artifact signed by Richard Garriot himself!

Updated! (finally). Tuesday June twentysomething, 1999

Hehe, I assumed just the page being updated was news enough! :)
On further news, if you hadn't figured out yourself, I'm not dead... yet.  If you WANT me dead, click here.
Anyhow, I didn't just updated this page! I updated the Members page (took out the strange Flint pic).  Do you beleive we should make The Healer a permanent guild member? maybe replace our Guildmaster?... About It, Think, Hmmm? (imagine master Yoda) (sorry, last weekend I saw Episode I, it just came to where I live)
I also updated the Articles section with a new Interviews section.  Read there the amazing real-life novel by Flint Fireforge, Interview with a Murderer.
Isn't that enough? I added the Guild Charter by adapting the Guildstone Location page, which, by the way, is STILL missing a cartography map of the location.  Want to rant about it? Drop an email here.
Woohoo! I just found this article at the Chesapeake News from Stratics! Guess who wrote it: our famous Gayde Rylock... dont miss the EoT initials at the bottom of the article. :)
On further updates, there seems to be a new beta test client "37e7".   Download it here.

Also, OSI seems to have "suspended" the acceptance of new submissions for the UO Pro Third-part program.  Yuck!
Humm,,, I guess that is it for now.  Thx for the attention!

And just in case you're wondering about the date of today's update, I dont know what day today is, and I am lazy right now to figure it out.  Besides, if you KNOW what day today is, why should I tell ya?

Updated! Members page. Friday June 11, 1999

Hello! I just added Gayde's Pic and Story to the member page, check it out!

More News Wednesday June 9, 1999

UO Assist from Tugsoft finally becomes the newest UO Pro Utility, that is, it is not banneable anymore to use it.  The bad news is that it means no macroing with it. :P It was a long journey there, so congratz Tug!
On additional news, read this I stole form (yeah, you guessed it) a UO Mailing List:

Here's a post from 06/03/99 to the usegroup.
Thing is, I am pretty sure I HAVE publicly posted the status on a bunch of
things lately. :P But just in case, here it is again:
* Good/evil: in testing on the Abyss.
* Necromancy: in the design doc stage. Currently aiming at necromancy being
the crafting of charms, with spirit speak as a basic required skill.
* Alchemy: some potions completed, lots more needed, plus some redesign occurring as to what reagents make what potions to make it a more logical progression
* Newbie-friendliness stuff: almost complete
* Harassment logging thing: just went in
* In-game email: in internal testing
* Client upgrades: well, you're getting test clients so can see this yourself. :)
-Raph Koster
Lead Designer, Ultima Online

Copied courtesy Faerlyt

Also, there are still some (and new) interesting histories at the Chesapeake section of Stratics, in case you care about it of course.

News (ok, ok, I have date problems, i need my y2k patch) Monday June 8, 1999

Hail! I just got this from Flint, it is the response he received from a personal inquiry to the UO Support staff regarding the recent rumors on UO being slowed down in developement:

From: UOSupport <support@owo.com>
Subject: RE: UO - General Inquiry
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999 20:44:40 -0500
Hi there,
I can tell you that none of that is true. The entire dev team is still hard at work on Ultima Online and in fact we have added more people to it! As for the Alchemy and the Necromancy issues. Would you rather they added broken or working? Thanks for taking the time to write in, feel free to mail me back if you have any other questions, or if you are unclear on something in my response. If you are replying to this message, please include any prior correspondence from this thread!! This will assure the most timely and accurate response to your inquiry.
Gm Darwin
Origin Systems Inc.

Check this I stole from the UO Stratics webpage:

Calandryll has sent in an announcement on another version of the test client.
We've released an updated version of the test client, 37d. This client includes some more fixes to old memory leaks, is a bit faster, and should fix the "ghosting" problems that some players have been reporting.
To download this client, go to ftp://ftp.owo.com/pub/uo/client/client_37d/
Remember to read the read.me file as this is a test client.

More news, well, today I've stolen from Stratics enough already.  Just go see the Chesapeake News page and there has been a lot happening lately in our Shard... And I have been hearing that our friend Gayde Rylock has been participating there, so you might want to ask him his impressions.
More news, the latest UO House of Commons chat log has been posted here.  At this time, you probably already read it, and also at this time you could agree with me that it was missing real information, or at least excitement about it... that was mainly the reason why I did not feel to post it earlier (friday).

What's Wrong with GL? (definitely off topic) Thursday   June 3rd, 1999

Update! I just received a "rumor" that Microsoft bought the rights to the Ultima-series.   All I can say is *ROTFLMAO*!
On further updates, I found this in the same mailing list:

From: "Pandemonium" <poisonpixel@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: New client 37c available for download
-Colored lighting and the shaded fonts are toggleable (via uo.cfg).
-Seasons are turned off (until they are implemented server side)
-UO.cfg should be saving all options properly (had some reports of it not
saving sometimes)
-Memory leak/stability fixes
-Resizing window fix (you could resize a 800x600 window to 640x480, clipping
part of the gameplay area away)
I had some reports of 'ghost images' still *argh* - has anyone seen this
happen and give me details?
*Wishes the person that was coding the client previously was still around to
explain it*

I read this post (from a friend) in one of UO's Mailing Lists, and It seemed such a rightful rant that I posted it here:

Since the day that Great Lakes and Chesapeake went down together for "an extended maintenance period", GL has been timewarping up to 5 hours DAILY. GL is supposed to go down ad 5:00am everyday. Normally, it was up between 6:00-7:00am. No biggie.
But since that dreaded day, GL goes down at 5:00am, timewarps til 1:00am and doesn't come back until past 8:00am.
What's going on? Hey, guys, you're cutting up 8 hours of daily gametime from all of us here! That's 1/3. Does that mean that the monthly fee for GL players will be reduced 1/3 too?
Please fix this. It's EXTREMELY annoying to have these problems when you had already tackled them long time ago.
Thank you for listening my (justified) rant,
Beorn -TC-
The Chosen, Great Lakes Shard

Is Chesapeake doing the same? Maybe you have something to report!
On further news, you gold making beasts, might be interested in visiting Stratic's Updated Tailoring Essay.
On additional lengthy mailing list postings, read this one regarding a possible scam! Don't be a victim!

From: CharlesMTF charlesmtf@earthlink.net
Today, one of my guild members messages me and tells me that someone is selling a placed 2-story for 300K. It;s no one he knows, but rather just someone running in town with a FOR SALE macro. He gives me the guys ICQ and I contact him. He verifies that he has a 2-story to sell for 300K.
So, I say I'll take it, but being that there is no secure way to trade a
house, I ask him how we can best do this since I can't really say I
trust someone for 300K. he says it's ok and that he will transfer the
house to me first. Then, after I get ownership of the house, I can give him the money at the bank. Great, I figure. He tells me to say BALANCE to verify that I have the money, which I gladly do. Then, he gives me a rune, and tells me to recall on that rune, which will take me to a vendor. On the verndor will be another rune for sale for 12 gold. He says to buy the rune, and then recall off of it, which will take me to the 2-story. He says he'll meet me there with his other character.
Figuring that I have nothing to lose, I say OK. I do as per his
instructions. When I get to the destination of where the building should be, I notice that there is nothing there. No 2-story anywhere in site. I decide to hang around for awhile and see if he shows up. Nothing. Upon trying to ICQ him, I noticed that he is also offline now on ICQ. I still wait awhile since he might have disconnected. After about 10 minutes, I figure I'll just leave and wait for him to just contact me. I go to the bank, and for some odd reason have the desire to check my balance. To my horror, all my gold (300K actually) is gone. No more. Empty!
So, now I'm trying to prevent myself from throwing my computer and smathing the car outside my window below. I paged a GM, but rather than showing up, he justs sends me a message saying, "This is certainly a concern, and we will look into it." I never see the GM, nor do I ever hear from him again!
So, now my question remains, how the heck did this guy scam me?
What might have happened is this:
1) A buddy of his -- or even the same guy from another account, on
another computer -- is waiting hidden by the vendor with the 12
gold rune.
2) He waits for you to say "Vendor Buy", and as soon as he sees you type that, he hits <enteron a command to reprice the rune to 300k.
Because of the delay between you saying "vendor buy" and actually selecting the rune, the reprice command goes through in time to screw you.
3) If he has high hiding and has a macro for hiding attached to his
enter key, you wouldn't even see him if he talks to the vendor.

This is scary, so be careful when trading!
On more news, if you are bored in the game, check out this new aventure on the Chesapeake Shard!
As a notice, I moved a lot of material to the Old News page, so If you haven't been here recently, don't miss a bit of what's here!

New Guild Alliance! (err.. sometime near) Tuesday June 1st, 1999

Our leader, Flint Fireforge, just announced to us (me?) that we have new allies in Britannia!
Read here the official word (again, polished, since his smithcraft (I think I jsut invented that word) is much better than his eloquence):

We have allied ourselves with a new guild, KFR, Knights of the Forgotten Realms.  They hold alot of the same values as we do. This only adds to our chances to meet new people and to get more things going. We need the support of all EoT so that things will work out well. If there is any kind of issue with any of them, please let me know and myself and their leader will handle the situation. Treat them well, and they will do the same.

Their leader is Shaquanda.
On additional news: the Crossroads of Brittannia web site is UP again, can't miss it!

Springtime? Friday   May 28, 1999

But first: I posted as an UO Done Right Idea (idea number 92791139831110) the Ultima Fiction petition.  Please, visit the UODR website and vote for your support for the petition, and ask all of your friends to do the same. Also, I found a post on the UO Done Right website, from a "Flint Fireforge" guy.  It's regarding crafting and make last item, so it is prolly "our" Flint.  Read the Idea he posted here.
This morning I dug this out from a UO mailing list:

From: "Joshua Rowan" <ewenick@hotmail.com>
Subject: IT'S SPRINGTIME on the new 37b!

I logged in again to go do some exploring when I noticed something very odd about my house. It was suddenly surrounded by FLOWERS!!!! I mean TONS OF THEM! Just to verify that this was actually the 37b client causing this, I logged back in with my 37a client and sure enough, all I had around my house again were brambles and weeds.
So it looks like the forewarned SPRINGTIME is already here. Thanks Pandemonium. I can't wait to see what Summer, Fall and Winter look like. If it is anything like this, then I'll be a happy camper....

Cool I say! :) And exactly what is "New 37b" you ask? It is the new version of the test client.  This new version also has very cool lighting effects, involving many things that are supposed to be brigth, including spells and lanterns.  Read the details in this page from UO Stratics, download and install it then report your findings back to me!
To top the news with some sweet meringue: Check out the U:A Horizons webpage for some extensive commentary from the Ultima 9 developement team.

About the new update and boats Thursday   May 27, 1999

Warning: I took out yesterday's link to the "utility" that supposedly gave you a "different" view of UO.   The post is still there tho. :) Anyhow, that little program seemed to contain a trojan horse, so be warned!

This from the FYI section of the Update Center:

Dry Docking Boats May 26 1999 4:31PM CST
You are now able to dock your boat from anywhere along the shore. In
order to dry dock your boat, follow these steps:
1. The boat must be empty, nothing in the hold or on the deck. This
includes yourself and any pets, NPCs, and/or other players.
2. From the shore, double-click the tillerman, he will prompt you with
a yes/no "Dry dock the boat?". Select "yes".
3. A miniature boat will appear in your backpack that is not stealable
or lootable if you die. It's not really a newbie item though. It won't
decay immediately if you place it on the ground or if you lock it down
in your house.
The mini-boat will not appear in your pack if you are overloaded or if
you are dead. The boat will remain in the water instead in these
To place your boat back in the water, double click the miniature boat
and then select the water (just like placing a boat from a deed). New
keys for the boat will be made and the older keys will be worthless to
that boat now. This is a great way to change keys for the boat if
someone has stolen your boat keys.

I just thought it was neat!  There are other nifty new things, just for you to know.

UO on the news (yet again) Wednesday May 26, 1999

You might want to read a fine article on UO at gamers.net.
In the Latest Updates section of the Update Center there is info about the new supposedly 800x600 client.  I am unsure if it is a client patch to the final (your current) client or it must be downloaded at the UO Client FTP site (there are other amenities, so you might want to go anyway)... Can you confirm this?  Also on the Latest Updates, all the details for the latest server patch.  Get informed before someone more informed gets YOU!
I continued browsing the interesting OWO FTP site and there is a trailer for Ultima IX: Ascension in the .AVI (Microsoft's) movie format.  It was poste
d there on 04/16/1999
Also, I've been talking A LOT about E3.  There are some gaming sites with info about the 1999 E3 event: Games Net, ZD Net's Gamespot, Gamers Extreme.  Happy browsing!
And one last item: I was wondering (and fearing) if I should post this.  There is a "supposed" addon to the UO Client that allows you to see the world in a "different" way. Go (with care) and see this page, and if you dare actually download and install the stuff.  Anyhow, let me know what do you think about it!

E3, the UO HoC Log, etc. Tuesday May 25, 1999

I am back.  There have been some mild news over past week and the weekend, but most of them are not directly related to UO.
The last UO House of Commons chat log has been posted here.
Some news on E3! Ultima Ascension was shown by Lord British to lucky editors from magazines and e-zines.  Read some news on the game at Ultima IX Horizons.
Also, the patch that started on Chesapeake is supposed to be going on smoothly, so check the update center for details on what's new.
On the Happy announcement! our leader Flint Fireforge announced on our message board that we have a new member in our ranks:
Gayde Rylock, congratulations!  Also, mighty Blackmore is now second in rank (like nobody assumed), congratulations!
Now that the team is stronger, maybe there is someone adept with web site building that wants to give me a hand in putting up more often, bigger and better updates to this page.

1000+ Web Hits! Monday May 17, 1999

Hadn't you noticed? We reached the 1000+ on our web counter over the weekend!  I was expecting to offer some kind of prize for the 1000th visitor, but I guess it happened sooner than expected.  What about 5000th?
Updated: In the UO Fiction petition I added some links for Ultima-series-related web sites.  let me know If you have any good site you beleive should be added.

Also, dont miss the amazing story of our Guild Master Flint Fireforge. It's a must read (really) on the Members page.
I also updated the EoT Guildhouse location page (the "Where?" link above), including info about stock, etc.  Wouldn't it be great to have a map and coordinates to it?
And as a note, I will be leaving early tomorrow morning for Costa Rica for some training sessions, so the updates might be delayed to the end of this week. Stay tuned!

Ultima IX: Ascencion Friday May 13, 1999

From the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter webpage i spotted that Gamecenter posted a short blurb on Ultima 9: Ascension.  Read the news here.
Also I just spotted (finally) what is the Lum webpage DD was chanting the other day.  Well, it is a terrific fun UO website, check it out on the Links page.  There is a report, A MUST SEE, on what he calls BritFest99, the lunch at Austin with the UO Team including Lord British.   Read here a fragment of the event report that gave me severe bladder control difficulties:

A GM asked an obviously prompted question - "When are players going to be able to filter snow in UO?" Many players laughed in unison and said that it already WAS filtered in UOA. The dev team of course ignored this and said that it was on the list, along with Arm/Disarm and Last Target and, well, anything else that they could think of that would put Tug out of bidness. Someone else asked that since Origin seemed hellbent on putting Tug out of bidness anyway, why not just buy him out and save months of reverse engineering time. Rich Vogel then proceeded to wax eloquent on how, and I am paraphrasing here as little as possible, only the OSI dev team knew the source code well and how the source code worked, and they really only had confidence in their own programmers, and, well, they just didn't trust the quality of any third party code. In heaven, Jesus wept.

i Lord British visits Ultima Fiction Petition webpage! Wednesday May 12, 1999

Yes, Lord British himself visited our humble webpage.  Read the short note at the Petition's page.
On a side note, I've been quite busy at work, and right now I dont have much time for updating on the recent olypmic news.  However. I have been sent a lot of material on it and I hope I will be able to put all of it up soon.

i Ultima Fiction Petition Monday May 10, 1999

Last night I dreamt on Ultima.  And I started a section called the Ultima Fiction for Ultima Online Petition.
I also updated the Links page with interesting web sites.

i The New Face of EoT Saturday May 8, 1999

I made MAJOR aesthetic upgrade to the page today.   Let me know if you like the new look! (or if you don't for that matter).
Also, the Mailing List section was removed.  Nobody seemed to like the idea anyway.  So, now the message board will be the only web-based communications for EoT. I also updated the All-Britannia Olympics page with new material, and fixed some itmes in the Members page.

i Friday News Friday May 7, 1999

Posted! The current UO House of Commnos Chat log with the UO Developer Team. Can't miss it!
Updated Adventuring Section! Read what happened when The Empire visited the All-Britannia Olympics!

i Today It's Thrusday Thursday May 6, 1999

(that means I could not come up with a better title for today's news)
Minor Updates to the Members page, updated Links section, also moved a lot of material to the Old Site News page... go see it if you havent been here lately (or if you are new to the site)

More news: Don't miss tonight the next UO HoC chat with the Dev Team.
And to brighten the site, this pic:

wpe1.jpg (9706 bytes)
Our newest member, Dakar was taming
in the woods of magincia when he ran
into the mighty corpser. Thanks to the
great Max, Dakar was able to resume
the taming of the woods's populace.
i Updates are Back Wednesday May 5, 1999

I experienced a temporary "Internet Shutdown" and I was unable to update myself on UO much less update this page.   But I am back now.  :)
Here some news: The In Testing section was updated with major upcoming changes to UO! Read what's new on Test Center.
And on the EoT Page, see the new EoT Members' Personal Stories.

i What's on a font? Friday April 30, 1999

This is the new Font for the "Editor's Content"... it is called Comic Sans MS.  Does it look like the UO in-game font? I think I will leave the "quote" or "content" font to be either Times New Roman or Book Antigua.  Comments on the whole thing are welcome.
From Stratics: There is a good article on the locations of the Advancement gates of the Abyss Shard.  Read it here.  Also from stratics, this was added to the In-Developement section of the Update Center:

  • Tinkering will have a new menu with tabbed pages. We are testing out this menu style with this skill before adopting its use for all skills.
  • "Make Last Item" is now an option on the tinkering menu. Choosing this will simply try to make the last tinker item you made.
  • Tinker-crafted tools will now have durability based on the skill of the tinker who made the tool. In other words, a hammer made by a tinker with only 5 skill will last much less time than a hammer made by a grandmaster tinker.
  • Scales for weighing items are now a craftable item. You can double-click the scales and target an item to get its weight. (We know this isn't real useful, but thought shops might like this item for decorative purposes).
  • A new piece of art for tinkering tools will exist (and be craftable). It works exactly like the older piece of art, but is a lot easier to click on. The old piece of art will still be in use.

Also, I nearly missed, on the Vault Network there is a very interesting interview with Raph Koster (Designer Dragon).
Also, if you are interested in the Chesapeake Olympics, here is the Website.

i UO Gold Rush Wednesday April 28, 1999

Again is Ultima Online on the headlines.  Read this article on Newsweek (online version of print) about it.
Well, that is about it.  EoT! Where are you?

i New EoT Allies! Tuesday April 27, 1999

The Glorious Empire of Twilight has formalized the first Guild Alliance, with the members of The Dragons of Rhydin.   Here is the official word from our Leader (slightly edited off the Blacksmith's language):

We are now in alliance with the guild DoR (Dragons of Rhydin). they are a roleplaying guild so if you see them please try to be the same. I have been told that they possess some of the best roleplayers in Britannia. I have personally known Syl Wind, Waver, and Lan Drakor (their GM) for about a year now.  They are all good people and like to help when they can. Hopefully this will work out very well for both guilds for we have the same problem, not many people actually playing.  Hopefully the two of us can get together for larger hunts and the likes. This is a good day for EoT.
Take care friends and until we meet again.
Flint Fireforge

As a sidenote, and confirmed in the OWO Guild Pages: Alliance in UO is currently done by declaring WAR to the other Guild, so be careful.  The Alliance is actually the attitude in which both Guild's members treat each other, the War is declared so both guilds can help and interact with each other more freely.  If interested, go see their DoR Status page at owo.com.
Less urgent news: There is a new version of the UO 800x600 Beta client.  Download it here.  Also, if anyone have tested or starts testing this new program, please let us know your comments.  Updated also at Stratics, a post from LadyMOI regarding the new Abyss Shard Faction War Score Board, automatically updated from in-game data!, read the announcement here.
Another note: if you know anyone that is using the EoT Message Board as the entry point to the EoT Webpage, tell them our real address: http://members.tripod.com/empireoftwilight/... A lot of work is put into these pages, and sometimes the Hit Counter going up (slowly sometimes) is our only reward.  And of course, send this page's address to all of your friends and let us know your comments!

i Guildstone Location Revealed! Monday April 26, 1999

The location of the EoT Guildstone has been revealed!  Figure it out at the new section about Where to find EoT.  This is under construction (hint).
On other news: A very good article has been published on Stratics about the Britannian Geography. Can't miss it!  And if you want to find your way out in Britannia, check the tool UO Auto Map.
Also, a new member of the UO Developement team just made a post on Crossroads of Britannia on the subject of Monster Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what can you expect about it in the future.

Weekend! (and a lot of news) Friday April 23, 1999

Updated! The Members Page, new pics, new format.
On the news: UO Stratics published an editorial on Macroing.  Also, there were more items added to the In Developement on the Update Center.
The log of the UO HoC chat has been posted at the UO HoC website..
Also from Stratics, the membership of the UO Chesapeake Guild known as Murder Death Kill (MDK) was banned from the game! I, personally, welcome any comments you might have on the issue to be posted on the Message Board, including what was your experience (if any) with members of that Guild.  Read the details here.  Read the guild's webpage here.
You might be interested in reading the Tugsoft (creators of the UOAssist program) reaction on OSIs policy on macroing.  Or maybe you are interested in finding out what UOAssist is about! Read all of it Here.
Additionally, GuildMasters (hint. hint) might be interested in knowing the existence of a software tool that makes easier managing a RPG Guild.  This tool is called Guildboss.   Read all about it here.

Making Yesterday even Better Thursday April 22, 1999

With the Info posted on the Message Board I updated this page and added a new Adventuring! article.  Also, the Terathan article was updated.  Read all of it here.
More news: today is the UO House of Commons chat with the UO Dev team.  Don't miss the event, read the details here.

i EoT Web Site Expanded! Wednesday April 21, 1999

Major website revamp! Keep on reading.
This morning I received a lot of pics on what's happening on the Empire.  To accomodate the new information, I expanded the site! I create a new section on EoT Adventuring, including a brand new story The Terathan Gang.
Also added a link on the front page for the Picture of the Day.  Enjoy!
On another update, I just posted an Article based on some research made by Famed Xena Dragon, regarding on why the servers dont go down when expected.  Read it here.
Do you think that was enough? I even added more Member pics!
Also, go see the new changes being in developement in the OWO website.  There also, read about OSIs stand on Unattended Macroing.
I think thats it for now.  If you like what you see, let us know, via email (lower banner, the Editor link) or on the Message Board.   And if you really want to show appreciation, tell your friends to come see the page (even if not in UO) and submit content!

i Monday (again) Monday April 19, 1999

More on house deeds.  They are *not quite* newbie items... read the clarification here.
Hear ye! Hear ye! New Counselor Applications are Here! Read the details on the Update Center.
Updated! The EoT Members Page!

i Weekend News Saturday April 17, 1999

House deeds are *again* newbie items (can't be stolen that is).
The meteorite finally fell over Britannia! Read the news here.
There is an update on Asheron's Call Vault, a chat log with the developement people.   Read what was discussed here.

i 800 x 600 Client! Thursday April 15, 1999

I just received an excellent article on playing on the Abyss Shard. Check it out at the Articles section.
If you are willing to possibly making your UO client less stable, maybe you are interested in testing the new 800x600 Client! Download it here! This is the OSI FTP Site.  Read the rest of the details at the Stratics website.
Also note that on the Update Center (and on the public servers) the house deeds are no longer Newbie Items [and because of it can be stolen].

i UO On The News Wednesday April 14, 1999

It seems that UO accounts are considered now (much more than before) valuable assets! Check this article from Stratics.
Stolen from Stratics also, this snippet:

The following was published on the Common Issues section of the Update Center...
If you are unable to view the text of other players, you will need to check that you have the line UnicodeSpeech=on in your uo.cfg file. If you do not have The Second Age, you will need to add this line, too.

Also from stratics (hehe they updated alot this morning)

The following was posted in the Latest Updates section of the Update Center:

Skills and Magic

  • Anatomy and Evaluate Intelligence will no longer work on Town Criers.
  • You will once again be able to fish up magic fish and boots from shore.
  • The targeting range for all spells that target people or creatures is now 10 tiles.
  • The area of effect for all spells that target locations is now 15 tiles.
  • A problem with the interaction of paralyze and reactive armor was fixed.


  • Once an item has been placed in the trade window, you will not be able to remove it unless you cancel the trade. Cancelling will return all items to the backpacks of the two players involved. This was done in order to reduce the viability of common "trade window scams."
  • House deeds will now be newbie items. They cannot be stolen, and they remain with your corpse when you die (unless you are a murderer). Architects will still sell these for a normal price, however.
  • You can no longer overload yourself by placing items in a locked container that is in your backpack.
  • Various optimizations were done to guildstones to improve performance.
  • You will no longer be able to lock things down under your house sign.

NPCs and Creatures

  • Monsters will no longer spawn inside of houses--a method by which this could still happen was fixed.
  • Pack llamas no longer create fur.
  • Real estate brokers will now stay put. They also now sell ink wells and blank scrolls.


  • An exploit involving evading murder count with a particular item was corrected.
  • You will be able to determine whether you will receive stat loss on resurrection. If you say "I must consider my sins" you will receive a message about your murders.
    If you have never received a murder report, you will get "Fear not, thou hast not slain the innocent."
    If you have been reported, but currently have no murder count, you will get "Fear not, thou hast turned from thy evil ways."
    If you have murder counts, but it is not enough to result in stat loss, you will get "Although thou hast slain the innocent, thy deeds shall not bring retribution upon thy death."
    If you are liable for stat loss, you will get "Death shallbring the vengeance of the innocent upon thy soul."

Also, today I received from Max Carnage the details of what happened when EoT rocked Shame, so check out the updated page.

i General News Monday April 12, 1999

EoT Adventuring! Here are some pics:

wpe2.jpg (16610 bytes)

There were rumors that, in the dungeon Shame, the Eath Elemental numbers were on the rise and things were gettin out of hand. So the forces of EoT were called to put an end to the riotous acts. Myself, Ovak, Skordell, Dewolf and Teila answered the call. When we arrived we fought off the initial assault of about 4-5 Earths. Then chests were placed in a strategic manor for defence and picked them off with bows. When the numbers were thinned we searched for straglers were hunted down and slain. Alas, the hunt went well and the evil elementals were destroyed.

wpe3.jpg (17564 bytes)

Max Carnage

Thank you

Also, From the Vault, it seems there is going to be a Meteorite Crash somewhere over Britannia, but as it seems only on the Chesapeake Shard! This is just a fragment:

Galen served us a feast, while Mihk'Tug gave us a dissertation on an orc's diet. Not exactly the best dinner conversation I have heard. Spirits were served, private label, distilled by Galen himself. Galen told us more of the meterorite he spotted in the heavens. He said, "Once I pinpoint it's location, I will mark it so that all may see." I was shocked to learn it is headed for Britannia.
"I believe it will fall sometime Thursday eve, if my calculations are correct," stated Galen

i Recovering from Disconnection Friday April 9, 1999

Hello, Phantom Lord Here.  I've been not only extraordinarily busy, also I've been "offline" for almost two weeks.  Today I start to regain my "online" status, so the update frequency to this page should start again to become more than one update a day.
Now, on the recent news:
* The last Ultima Online House of Commons chat log has been posted Here.
* Designer Dragon post on the current developement status at UO Stratics:
* From the UO Vault, some happenings on the Chesapeake Shard:

Chesapeake - Unrest in Trinsic
Hail and Greetings
Some strange happenings went about in Trinsic on monay. The streets were filled with wisperings of a revolution. Being quite curious I seeked out the source of these rumors, there he stood on the steps of the bank. Many people gathered to listen to his words that stired the soul. He spoke of the downfall of greed and the death of the monarchy. I`ve never seen a braver soul, he was not a fighting man yet he stood his ground against knights loyal to the king. I cannot do justice to this mans words but I shall recite a bit of his speach :

Read the rest of the story at the UO Vault website.
* I received some pictures for the Guild membership page, so check out the updates!

i Asheron's Call Beta Test Application TODAY! Friday Mar. 26, 1999

Today, go to the following address: http://www.microsoft.com/games/zone/asheronscall/
There, the Asheron's Call Beta Test application form will be Live!
Only for about 200 people, first comes, first served! And let me know if you could get in. You saw it here First!

i Site Expanded! Thursday Mar. 25, 1999

Added! New Articles section. It now contains a short article I wrote about a friend of mine and his treasure digging adventure.  He plays on Great Lakes, but since I am not currently playing and our fellow guild members *hint* have been somewhat silent lately, I wrote on him. :) Check it out!

Also, there is a new UO House of Commons chat log, this one was with the UO Support staff.  Go and read last night's log Here.

That's not all! At the stratics website there is an article about Red, Murder Counts, Stat Loss written by Senior Counselor Rmageddon and edited by Xena Dragon.   You can see it this Guide to the Murder System.

i The Message Board is UP! Wednesday Mar. 24, 1999

Yes, Finally! The EoT message board is up and running.  Go see it (and post) Here

i Cant quite find your treasure? Tuesday Mar. 23, 1999

For all the treasure hunting: This page from the Minions of Loviatar has a very good reference on known dig up sites for treasures.  So if you have a treasure map and dont wand to spend the rest of your life searching for the exact burial spot, check this page! Also, dont you dare digin' up the treasure alone! Check it up at the Links section.

i New GM Availability Schedule! Monday Mar. 22, 1999

Added a link to Chesapeake News at (SURPRISE) Stratics.  So, check it out!

On the headlines (it seems nothing much happened over the weekend), and yes, this is also stolen from the Stratics website:

We will be altering our domestic GM Hours to better serve our customers during peak service hours. This schedule will take effect on Monday 3-22-99.
The new schedule will provide support for our domestic servers from 3 P.M. until 1 A.M. local time for each server.

EverQuest having problems? This I found on the EQ Stratics website (http://eq.stratics.com).  (Note the dual steal here)

3DNews.net has published an editorial entitled Evercrash Part 2. I suppose you can guess what it's about. Here's an excerpt:

Well, Everquest continues to be unplayable during normal hours. I haven't been able to play the game during daylight and night before midnight EST ever. They blame the problems on UUNet (their bandwidth provider), but based on traceroutes they seem to be lying. Flat out lying. Perhaps UUnet was the problem previously, but it isn't now!

i New Shard Downtime Schedule! Saturday Mar. 20, 1999

From the FYI at the UO Update Center (http://update.owo.com/):

    To coincide with the fewest number of people playing per shard, we will be adjusting our schedule for server maintenance. The new maintenance window will now begin at 5:00am local server time. For more information on maintenance and scheduled down times for each server visit our Down Time Schedule web page

And in other news... New Necromancer reagents available in the wild! Including (and where can be found):

  • Blackmoor - Liche Lords
  • Bone - Bone Magi
  • Dead Wood - Reapers
  • Executioner's Cap - Corpsers
  • Fertile Dirt - Earth Elementals
  • Vial of Blood - Blood Elemental
i Updated! Friday Mar. 19, 1999

Added info and help on the Mailing List.
Added link to Mailing List Archive.
Revised web page, added some links.  Check them out!

i Updated! Thursday Mar. 18, 1999

We added some refinements to the site
Fixed the mailing list subscription thingie
Added the Members page
Be sure to check the guild ranking page at: Empire of Twilight!

Merged! Wednesday Mar. 17, 1999

This webpage could now turn to be the new Official EoT webpage!
Added the EoT Mailing List subscription.

Updated! Friday Feb. 19, 1999

We added some refinements to the site.

Moved to Tripod.com! Thusrday Feb. 18, 1999

Site moved to Tripod, hoping to embrace the FrontPage promise.

Major website update!

Web Site Created! Wednesday Feb. 11, 1998

Web site created, please submit all your comments!

Old News Wednesday Feb. 11, 1998
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